Victoria Maloney in Scotland

Whenever I think back to important moments in my life, I always remember the jewellery I wore, saw, or bought.
​As a child my grandfather and I would often visit local antique markets together, there we would spend hours trawling through the vintage debris in search of trinkets and treasure.
I have always been a great believer in the evocative nature of jewellery, and I felt that all of these memories we hold dear to us should never be lost, and much like fine jewellery, they are precious. I think in many ways my collections were my own way of remembering those moments, of keeping something special with you wherever your life takes you.​

This curiosity has shaped my designs and practice over the years, the importance of narrative and the journey from raw material to finished piece is something that forever fascinates me. The process of something completely natural being shaped and formed by tools and techniques, passing through many places and many hands to become a part of our story, is something I find deeply romantic. This process and practice is a privilege to be part of, and with that comes the responsibility of its future, therefore I ensure every material I work with is ethically and sustainably sourced so that it may be enjoyed for years to come.

– Victoria Maloney
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