Old Mine Cut Diamonds: A Tale of Timeless Romance

Antique Charm

In the world of diamonds, the story of the Old Mine Cut is steeped in history and romance. These gems evoke an era when craftsmanship was an art form, and precision was measured by the human eye. They exude a distinct charm that sets them apart from contemporary cuts.


A Journey Through Time

From the early 18th to the late 19th century this diamond cut was highly revered, gracing many traditional Georgian and Victorian jewellery pieces. Unlike today’s modern round brilliants, old cut diamonds have a unique character and cutting pattern, each stone is a labor of love, ground and polished to perfection by hand, meaning no two stones are ever the same.

VM Georgiana Diamond Ring

The VM Georgiana Ring builds on the history of this glorious stone. Each ring features an elegantly detailed rubover setting and knotted shoulder design, a modern take on a traditional style.

Design Phase // The VM Georgiana Ring

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