Jewellery Care


Like all good things, your jewellery will sometimes need a bit of love and attention. To ensure you get the best out of your jewellery, here is a list of ways to look after your pieces.

  • Water, Chlorine, perspiration, strong detergent and cosmetic products can all react with jewellery causing pieces to tarnish, and in some cases corrode. Always remove jewellery before swimming / showering and try to apply cosmetics and perfume before you put your jewellery on.
  • Damp and warm conditions, along with prolonged exposure to air and sunlight, can cause jewellery to discolour over time. Where possible store your jewellery in a simple zip locked bag and avoid leaving pieces in bathrooms, near radiators or on windowsills as this can accelerate the tarnishing process.
  • If you wish to give your silver jewellery some extra sparkle a silver dip or silver polishing cloth will restore the shine to your pieces but make sure that you wash off any product after cleaning with warm water and a soft cloth or toothbrush. Please note some stones may be damaged by contact with cleaning solutions so be sure to check the individual stones durability first.

Victoria Maloney offers a professional reconditioning service on all of our own fine jewellery pieces including engagement rings and wedding rings. If you would like to have your piece professionally polished or cleaned please contact us directly and we can discuss this with you.

Prices start at £30 for professional polishing/cleaning and white gold restoration

Gold Plated Jewellery

Gold plated items should be cleaned using a soft toothbrush with a little warm soapy water. This will remove any dirt but will not restore the shine of the original plating.

Please note that all of our gold plated jewellery is finished to the highest possible standard however as this is a gold plating on sterling silver, over time the plating will wear away. External factors can accelerate the wear away process of gold plating, in order to get the most out of your gold plated pieces we advise as much as possible avoiding contact with cosmetics, water, perspiration and contact with other jewellery.

If you wish to give your gold plated jewellery a new lease of life Victoria Maloney offer a re-finishing service on all plated items. Prices start at £20 for re-plating. Please contact Victoria Maloney directly for your individual quote.

Gemstones & Pearls

All Victoria Maloney pieces are made using completely natural gemstones, because of this some of these stones do not like chemicals or strong jewellery cleaning products. If you wish to clean your gemstone pieces we recommend using warm water and a very soft brush or cloth. Please note we do not recommend cleaning pearls with anything other than a specified pearl cloth. If you require individual advice on a particular gemstone please contact us directly so that we may advise you on how best to look after it.

Fine Jewellery

In order to care for your Victoria Maloney fine jewellery pieces we recommend following the above guidelines for general jewellery care, however if you wish for your pieces to be professionally cleaned, reconditioned or resized please contact us directly for more information.

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